1. Single Mast lifter with PRB

Single mast lifer unit will be used to transfer Vehicle skids from one level to another. PRBs in line are used to receive and deliver Vehicle skids to the lifter unit.

2. Double Mast Lifter with Adjustable Fork.

Type of system : Four post supporting structure -
• Telescopic Fork Transfer Lift.
• Double deep Telescopic Fork moving in X-Y direction to lift different variants
• Load capacity – For Assembly shop & body shop 1500 Kgs
• Lifting Gear Motor SEW Make : 9.0 KW
• Fork stroke Max (in Y direction) – 2700 mm
• Speed – Max 20 m/min.
• Supporting structure : Fabricated structure as per design ( ISMB ,H BEAM & ISMC)
• Feancing considered
• Control panel with PLC , HMI , sensors , cabling etc

3. Scissor Lifter with Roller conveyors.

Compact Scissor lifter units are integrated with Split type roller conveyors to transfer a pallet with the help of Hand pallet truck. Scissor lifter collapsible height will be about 150mm without pit. Load capacity of Scissor lifter will be about 1.2 ton (Depending upon the application)

4. Multi Layer Conveyor Lifter Unit

These Lifter unit mainly used where the cycle time is critical. More components will be lifted and transferred in sequence due to multiple conveyor's setup on a same lifter.

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