The EMS system comprises of following equipment :

  1. EMS Carrier
  2. EMS Tracks with Bus bar etc.
  3. Track switches for carrier maintenance

1. EMS Carrier:

  • Medium duty
  • Heavy duty

2. EMS tracks:

EMS tracks will be aluminum extruded beams of adequate load capacity with provision for fixing to header beam and bus bars , there are two options are feasible I type section with approximate dimensions of 180 X 60 mm & 240 X 80 mm , the selection will be done based on the height requirements against the loading of the beam.

Bus bar arrangement on EMS Track:

Insulated bus bar system of 100 amp capacity of reputed make will be used along with necessary accessories and current collectors.

3. Track switches and maintenance area:

Track switches are mainly deployed to take EMS carrier in maintenance zone. This will help to carry out the maintenance work by switching off the power while rest of the system is running.

Heavy duty

Medium duty